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Saint paul is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the history of the western world. Just a quick look at the headlines of his life are enough to understand.

Saul, a jew of the tribe of benjamin, was born in tarsus, the wealthy capital of cilicia (now modern south-central turkey), which was a province of the roman empire.

Paul the apostle - churches although paul may have converted some jews, his mission was directed toward the gentiles, who therefore constituted the vast majority of his converts. The letters sometimes explicitly state that pauls converts had been polytheists or idolaters the thessalonians had turned to god from idols (1 thessalonians 19), and at least.

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  the apostle paul was one of the most influential leaders of the early christian church and a prolific biblical author. In this beginners guide, well explore the basics of what we knowand dont knowabout this important biblical figure.

Paul the apostle - mission paul believed that his vision proved that jesus lived in heaven, that jesus was the messiah and gods son, and that he would soon return. Moreover, paul thought that the purpose of this revelation was his own appointment to preach among the gentiles (galatians 116). By the time of his last extant letter, romans, he could clearly.

His birthplace, tarsus, was a major city in eastern cilicia, a region that had been made part of the roman province of syria by the time of pauls adulthood. Two of the main cities of syria, damascus and antioch, played a prominent part in his life and letters.

Paul the apostle, commonly known as saint paul and also known by his hebrew name saul of tarsus, was a christian apostle (although not one of the twelve apostles) who spread the teachings of jesus in the first-century world. Generally regarded as one of the most important figures of the apostolic age, he founded several christian communities in asia minor and europe from the mid-30s to the mid.

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Paul The A

  paul being called an egyptian because his physical characteristics resembled the african egyptians who by all proofs known to modern man was of the black race. First lets refer to the babylonian talmud translated, by rabbi dr.